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Modalert is generic modafinil produced by Indian company Sun Pharmaceuticals industries (Sun Pharma). You can buy modalert wholesale at our company and get highest quality Modafinil from India for an affordable market price. You can also fine modalert dropshipping offer , which means we can deliver product directly to your customer.

Modalert is manufactured in 100mg and 200mg dose. It will bring the results safely only if you take it as intended. Most people consume the Modalert 200 mg dosage of the drug, but those taking it for the first time may start with the lower initial dosage of Modalert 100 mg. The maximum dosage of Modalert 400 mg can be used by those suffering from narcolepsy or severe cases of sleepiness. But, this higher dosage requires a consultation with a medical specialist.

Modafinil tablets from India can be consumed either with or without food. However, it should be noted that fatty foods can postpone the influence of this drug. If you want to make sure that the drug works without any delays, you should take it on an empty stomach an hour before your activities.

You should not buy modalert tablet from India  and take the drug if you have any contraindications to make sure that your treatment is safe. The contraindications include the following:

  • Age under 18 years
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Severe problems with the heart, liver, or kidneys
  • Allergy to any ingredients in the drug
  • Before any planned surgeries

Also, you should remember not to quit taking the drug suddenly if you have been taking it for a while, as you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

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